The Most Common Studio Apartment Decorating Mistakes Revealed

When you have a studio apartment, you can go from having a great space to a horrible mistake without even attempting to do something wrong. There are a lot of things that can be done wrong and most of the time it is something really simple. Here are a few of the most common studio decorating mistakes revealed so that you can avoid them in your studio.

Adding too much or not enough. There is a very fine line between too much and too little in a studio apartment. It is a big open space that some people feel needs to be filled in order to look like a home. Others feel that the point of having a large space is room, so they try to avoid putting much in it at all. Both theories are good, but the truth is, you need to maintain a balance within the living space. If you need a lot of storage area, instead of having a lot of shelves and cabinets scattered around, you may want to use items that have more than one purpose. For instance, an ottoman that has storage under it or a bookshelf that can hold storage baskets. You can even get a long drawered cabinet, have poles on each end and a rod across the top to use as a closet.

The size of your decor items also matters. If you choose to go with small artwork or photos, you are throwing the room off. Your artwork should be comparable in size to other furnishings within the space. A large king sized bed will look off if you have a small 5”x7” print hanging above it. To avoid issues, choose artwork that is larger and put it over larger pieces of furniture. Smaller artwork and photographs should be placed near end tables and other smaller furnishings. The same can be said for throw rugs. One large throw rug is better in a large area. If you use a lot of little ones, the entire space will see thrown together.

Many people think that a studio apartment requires a lot of the same colors throughout. This is not true. You are better off mixing it up a little. You can choose modern furniture next to old wooden items. It adds character to the space you have available and keeps it from appearing boring. The same can be said for the colors that you choose. They should all match or blend well, but it does not have to be all the same colors.


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